The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog TrafficThe Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic Way back in 2015, I did not even know what Pinterest was. I did not learn what Pinterest was until after blogging for three months.  All my blogging friends talked about the social media staple, but, I still was not clear how and why it makes such a difference in blog traffic. After about a year of research and experimenting with the social media platform, I have come up with my formula to exponentially grow my blog traffic just by using Pinterest on a daily basis.

If you have not started a blog and are just starting out I suggest you visit my other article, 
How to start a blog in one day without help. It will help you to create the framework for your blog and get you ready to create the fabulous content that will help you create a blog that could be the job of your dreams.  (Click Here)

In the six months after my research and experimenting I increased my Pin impressions by 500%.  This was a mind boggling thing for me. I could not believe my eyes. I was so excited I started jumping up and down and saying Hooray Hooray! I did it!  I have been asked many times how I accomplished such a feat. So today I would like to share with you my secret to Pinterest traffic success.

Today, I’m revealing the secret daily formula that took me from 3% Pinterest Referral Traffic, to 32.39% without stopping my other sources of traffic.

Back when I was just using the daily Pinterest formula, that means without Tailwind, my Pinterest account was getting on average five thousand or so views daily. My pins that were directly connected to my blog increased by more than double by being active on Pinterest. The impressions for those pins was in the tens of thousands. Which I am in awe everyday at the success I have achieved in such a short amount of time. I cannot thank my readers enough.


Our Daily Pinterest Formula

Fresh Content –I know you have heard this a thousand times but it is because it really is important. Blogging is oneof the best ways to create new and exciting content for your Pinterest account and in return your Pinterest pins drive traffic to the content on your site. I have something new on my site at least three times a week but most of the time it is five.

Pinterest Friendly Content – Your job is to not just make new content but content that relates to your audience on Pinterest. It has to be appealing visually to everyone who potentially see your Pinterest pins. Every blog post should include a title photo. This title photo is what sucks people in to read your fantastic writing prose. The image should go along with the theme of the post and should have an attention grabbing title. If you are terrible at coming up with blog names then use the incredible Link Bait: Title Generator. You are sure to come up with a great title at this website. If you need a fantastic title (Click Here) Your Blog post does not have to be full of fantastic images and gifs. A great title image is plenty.

Photo Names – Did you know that on Pinterest the title in your image is what automatically populates visitors from the search engine? I always make sure that my photos have at the minimum the title of my blog post and the name of my blog. I try to use as many words that will grab viewers attention, I add them both to the title and the Pinterest description.

The Blog Board – All photos we pin from our website first gets pinned to our BLOG board. Bloggers should have at least 1 board that has only their personal content. This is not simply another place to post your blog content but it gives a place for lurkers of your blog to have a central location to read your content. I also makes Pinterest users more likely to follow your content as well as your Pinterest profile. If your Pins do not fit into singular categories like mine do than this gives a specific board for people to follow all of your content. Instead of following a single category of your content. A blog board is a simple and easy way to you’re your audience like and follow your content without hesitation.

The 5-Minute Free For All– Who said you have to spend every waking hour on Pinterest to attract an audience.There is no reason you cannot send your new content to every board and category that sort of matches your content in a short amount of time and have amazing results. There is no reason you need to spend all day on Pinterest (unless you’re using Tailwind, which will be covered in content to come). This part of your daily blogging routine isquick and dirty. If you have taken the time to create new content, then this will take you no time at all.

  • Pin an amazing photo from your website to your blog board.
  • Go to Pinterest.
  • Repin that same Pin to every group board you are a member of and fits the pin’s theme
  • Repin that Pin to any specific categories it may fall under— For Example: Small Business AdviceSocial MediaHow to Grow Your Blog, etc.
  • Be sure to have more than one Pinterest friendly image? Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!

That is all there is to it, it is really simple but produces amazing results. Follow this simple ritual every day and the results will amaze you.

How to Increase Your Chances

Pay Attention To Your Pinterest Impressions – The time of your pinning no longer has as great of an affect on your impressions. The Pins on peoples Pinterest homepage are closer to being curated by an algorithm, or computer program. There are pros and cons to this new method, however personally I have found it to be a help not a hinderance because I no longer have to stay up late at night to see the same results as I used to. While writing this article my Pinterest pin impression had risen by 120 percent, and I have been seeing this week 16 thousand impression in a single day.


Repins are Your Very Best Friend – Repins not only increase your impression but they give you the chance to expose your content to people outside of your regular audience. More repins come from images that have either better content or an eye catching image that draws people’s attention. Two of my most re-pinned posts are of jokes Ipinned from my blog.

Clicks Create Traffic – Ultimately, you want people to press the read it button and be lead to your blog, not just look at the pretty pictures. Use Pinterest Analytics to see your daily clicks as well. Find out what posts are getting the most clicks. What makes this post different than your others? What makes them stand out or eye catching? Once you figure this info out you will have some insight on what to do differently with your next posts.

The Benefits of Referral Traffic

My Pinterest Referral traffic has exploded in to 2nd place, just behind my Direct Traffic. Direct Traffic is a combination of people who just know the URL for your blog and type it in and Social Media Click Throughs. By comparing our most popular pins on Pinterest and my most popular pages and articles, I could instantly come to a conclusion. To view and monitor my web traffic I use a combination of WordPress, Jetpack and Google Analytics. Using both I have a fairly good idea of what makes a Pinterest pin more popular than another. Looking at my most popular pins I can find similarities in all of them and use those qualities in my Pinterest pins in the future. It helps me to understand my audiences needs and desires as well. That way I can create content that my audience likes but I am not producing yet.

In Conclusion

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic is a powerful tool at your disposal. When used properly it can quadruple your blog traffic with just a few simple steps and methods.

How have you utilized Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog in other ways? What have you found to be useful? Please comment below…






The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic


The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential

The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential

The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential

When I started Blogging a year ago to this month, I did not even know what Pinterest was. Sure I had heard about it but my friends talked about it like it was a place for crafting and cooking ideas. Which they are not wrong, you can find crafts and recipes galore but I did not know the significant power Pinterest has for blogging.

I half heartedly made a Pinterest account because bloggers are supposed to have a Social Media presence. At least I think bloggers are supposed to. I started on Pinterest just pinning things that I found cool or appealing and not really realizing that I could post my own content on Pinterest as well. My Pinterest account has gone from a place to store my Sailor Moon and Pokemon fan art to a viable way to drive traffic to my blog. Before realizing the true potential of Pinterest I would go weeks without posting anything on my boards. Which if you know about Social Media it is the kiss of death. A big part of blogging is researching how to make your blog a better place for your audience to visit and how to actually grow an audience as well. A lot of the articles I read on getting traffic to my blog all pointed to the same place, PINTEREST. I was a skeptic at first. You would read these articles how a blogger went from twenty views a week to twenty thousand views daily in three months. To a skeptic it is hard to swallow information like that. My skepticism was wiped clean when I saw the potential with my own eyes. After following these tricks that I learned from a expert blogger, my pin impressions grew astronomically.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw that on my Pinterest Analytics.

If you have not started a blog and are just starting out I suggest you visit my other article, 
How to start a blog in one day without help. It will help you to create the framework for your blog and get you ready to create the fabulous content that will help you make a living. (Click Here)

Say Hello to Your New Hobby – Pinterest Group Boards

I had not heard of these until very late in the game. I read about them from one of the blogs I follow. I did not even know that Pinterest had group boards but after hearing what they could do I started finding Group Boards to post my content on. My sister knew what they were, however she used them to tell my parents what she wanted for Christmas. I had no idea it was one of the greatest organic traffic sourcing tool. The only way to get anywhere close to Pinterst is through the use of Bots. Do not use Bots though Bots are bad and can void any form of monetization/way of making money, you may have on your blog.

What the Heck is A Pinterest Group Board anyway?

In  the simplest way possible it is a board that is shared with other Pinners. Every Pinner that is a member of theboard has shared power with the other Pinners. You can invite others to join your group boards or ask to join a pre-existing group board.

Why This Affects Your Blog

You have followers of your Pinterest account. Whether you have 4 or 4,000 followers, every time you pin something,you can only make an impression on Pinners who follow your content. That is different for a Group Board Pin. Group Board Pins are exposed to everyone who follows the group board. There are group boards that have over two million followers as well. The more fantastic the pinners with awesome content, the bigger this following can be. The more your content is exposed to new people, the more likely your audience will continue to grow.  I know this sounds like Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Pinterest but it is true. Just as true as the laws of physics. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.

No Group Board Will Fit With My Totally Unique Content

This is certainly not the case. I have said to my colleagues and I am saying it to you, there is always a community to share your ideas with like minded people. You may have to search hard for them but they are out there. Whether you have an anime and video game blog or blog about investing, I am sure there is a board for your totally unique content.

How Do I Find this Elusive Group Board

Luckily my friends you have come to the right place. The way I have gotten all of my group boards is with PinGroupie.  PinGroupie is an awesome way to find group boards. You can sort through boards by category, number of followers, and the amount of pins. Search the title of the board to find one perfectly suited to your target audience.

This Sounds Awesome, But I Don’t Know If I Can Do This? Trust me you can!!

The Difference of a Personal Board and a Business One

For those of you who haven’t you need to register your Pinterest board as a business one. This does not mean that

your board will look or act differently, but it lets you link your blog to the board and utilize all the analytics features

that Pinterest offers. You just need to join as a business or convert your existing account after reading.

Verify Your Blog

Once your account is converted to a business account you should verify your website. You should verify your website because afterwards your website will be listed and connected to your Pinterest Profile. Verification also allows you to track all Pinterest analytics to and from your blog and Pinterest. Here are all the Simple Easy Steps to walk you through the process.

Organize Your Boards

After all the technical stuff it is time to put your creativity to the test. The more presentable your Pinterest account is the more likely people will want to follow you. If you are like me when I started to be serious about Pinterest, you have a lot of boards that won’t help you to drive traffic to your blog and might actually hurt your numbers. Take some time over the next week and review your Pinterest Account. Do I need this Board? Will this help or hinder my potential profits? Does this really go with the niche I am trying to reach? If you answered no to these question with some of your content then now is the time to cut your losses.Don’t forget to check if your Pinterest boards have board descriptions. I did not get to that until this week, to be honest. Make sure that your boards have names that fit the theme of the Pins within them. This is like search engine optimization Pinterest style. I am sure you know what SEO is if you have a blog. It is what makes your content appear at the top of a search engine. Make sure to add specific keywords that are specific to your content theme and niche as well.

Make Sure To Pin Your Own Content 

Instead of pinning images that are linked to other blogs, pin your own original content. Look at this from a business standpoint. If you are promoting other peoples sources of income but not your own. Something sick is happening, without you really thinking about it. Now is the time to create Pinterest images of your own that are linked to your own blog. You may need to invest in some photo editing software but a blog has the potential to make astronomical amounts of money in a short amount of time. By creating viral images that comment on your blog, you are promoting your blog and driving people to the source of your amazing content. Pinterest is more than social media. It is a visual search engine that could even rival Google itself. Create amazing images that complement your blog topics. Make sure to title and add a description to your amazing pins as well. Then pin your pins on your blog post board as well as all the group boards you have joined.

Research Group Boards

Now is the time to utilize PinGroupie, mentioned earlier, to research and discover group boards  that fit your niche or specific types of content you create to join. Finding some potential group boards, take some time to critically think about whether this specific board will help my blog or not. Spend some time analyzing the other content on the boards. Do you think your content would fit in? Make sure to save all of the boards you feel would be beneficial to the success of your blog.

You’re More Than Half Way There

Now comes the hard part, joining the boards that you feel are a help to your blog. Most of the boards will accept you as a contributor but do not be surprised if you are rejected. All that means is that it was not a fit for you and that there is a bigger and better one waiting to accept you. You will have to read the directions and rules for joining group boards very carefully. Most group boards offer rules and directions for becoming a contributor. There are however a few tricky exceptions. Don’t give up if there is not a visible way to join the group board. What you need to do is simple and more than half the time makes you a contributor of the group board. What you need to do is:

  • Follow the group board
  • Find out who owns the board (see URL)
  • Visit their Pinterest boards & follow them as well
  • Find a way to get ahold of the owner (for instance the webpage in their profile description)
  • Shoot them an email, a social media message or a message directly in Pinterest. Send them a link to the board you would like to be added to, a link to your Pinterest and a copy of your email address that is linked to your Pinterest account.

Watch the Amazing Results

It might take awhile to be accepted to your selected boards. I originally applied to ten different group boards and of those boards I was accepted to three of them. I was not accepted instantaneously either. The best group board I have took at least a month to be accepted to. There may be a delay between when you want to be a part of a group board and when you actually are a part of one, but it is worth waiting for. As soon as I was accepted, I started reposting my original pins from my blog board to every group board that was relevant to the pin. You can pin straight from your website content but it takes more time and is not as efficient. When I started pinning my own content I had only one follower and the group board had over two million followers on it.In the weeks to come, I had grown my website daily pin impressions by 500% and exposed our blog to morethan 4000 people daily. This has taken my blog to new heights in a matter of weeks. Not Years! Not Months! WEEKS!!!!


A month later and I am still seeing results from Pinterest that I did not even think was possible. In one day I made $600 from an article I wrote that has affiliate links to BlueHost. My personal following on Pinterest has changed dramatically since my first experiment with Pinterest. I am truly blessed. Without Pinterest and my followers I would probably still be trying to find a way to drive traffic to my blog. You too can have incredible success with Pinterest. If you follow even half of the advice I have laid before you. I am sure your traffic will double in no time. All you need to do is pin original and eye catching content, find group boards join, and pin and repin your amazing content.  I have now showed you The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential.May The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential help to make your blog a huge success.



The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential

The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential

The Secret to Pinterest’s True Potential by, Teddy Frost


Organic Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 months

Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 month


Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 month

Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 month: Do you wonder why bloggers talk so much about site traffic? Why they act like it is the key to life itself?

It may not be the key to life itself but it is essential to turning your blog into a profitable enterprise.

Consider all the formats you use to blog.

From blog posts to podcasts there is an innumerable way to express yourself on the internet.

The topic that comes up most often with us bloggers and freethinkers on the internet is, the topic ‘Blog

Traffic’. It is literally everywhere.

The reason all of us pioneers in the world of blogging talk so much about this topic is because getting

enough traffic is the ultimate need to make your blog successful. A blog without traffic is like a human

without a heart, “dead!”

I don’t want to lie but it is essential.

Whether you want to earn money through blogging, e commerce, increase your affiliate sales or even

monetize your blog – website traffic is essential.


I suppose,

That you have created a blog. possibly, written a few blog posts and designed some images. Now, you

are trying to promote it on social media and everywhere else. That’s it?

No – you must take a step forward and monitor your hard work.

If you have not started a blog already and are just starting out I suggest you visit my other article,
How to start a blog in one day without help. It will help you to create the framework for your blog and get you ready to create the fabulous content that will make you a living. (Click Here)


Here comes what the title suggests getting 1000 visitors daily.

How to get Organic Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 months

Getting 1000 daily visitors seems like old news to some bloggers, while others struggle just to get 100

visitors a day. Last October I was only getting on average 20 views a day myself.

If you are ready to get 1000 readers every day to your blog then scroll down.

I have been in your shoes, trust me, if you are serious about freeing yourself from a regular job than

nothing will stop you. You need to constantly look for ways to improve your blog and find new ways to

relate to your audience. If you follow these tips and start working on them from day 1 then I guarantee

you will find success. Of course, you’ve to work hard but don’t beat yourself up if you are not where you

want to be. Enjoy the ride, planning a trip can be just as fun as taking one, the same applies to blogging.

You have to enjoy the small things as well as the grand accomplishments.

Let’s get started, then

Organic Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 months

Firstly, and this is very important

There’s no rigid formula to get massive amounts of organic traffic to your blog.

You have to have perseverance and give blogging your total commitment,

Ask any influencer on any media platform about traffic tips and the first thing you would hear out of

their mouth is to work hard and devote as much time on your blog as you would at a 9 to 5 job. The

second thing they would tell is to produce original and innovative content. Afterwards they would tell

you all of the things that helped them to succeed and what they believe would help you. Then, they

would tell you in great detail realistic and effective strategies to drive traffic.

Your first traffic goal should be to get 1000 daily readers. If you reach up to this goal, you start making

money through your blog. It is worlds away from ten and twenty visitors a day, you may even have less

than ten but don’t be disheartened, there is nowhere to go but up.

The question still stands, how to get 0-1000 daily readers?

The process can be broken down into three simple parts.

Do You Want to stay informed on all the latest happenings at piecesoffrost. It’s free to subscribe! Upon

subscribing you will be kept up to date on future projects, the jokes of the week, the quotes of the

week, and the weekly recipe. If you enjoy a good laugh, inspiration, and cooking ideas, I invite you to

stay up to date by filling out this simple form. USA, LLC



I am sure that you realize by now that blogging is not as easy as you originally thought. If you are like me

you thought that you would be laying around in your pajamas, writing about what interests me, and

expected people to just show up instantaneously. I was wrong on so many levels, and I am here to tell

you that you are mistaken if you think blogging is going to be as easy as laying back with your glass of

wine and chatting with friends. Just get rid of that fairy tale, right now! Yes, it is simple and

straightforward, but you’ve got to have passion. Many bloggers often ask me and my mother about

driving traffic to their blog, increasing their followers on social media and making money online. But,

when we ask about their blogging work they go blank.

You cannot make a successful blog without putting in endless hours of work and spending what little

money you have left put towards improving your blog.

You cannot make money if you don’t build traffic to your blog, plain and simple.

You can’t sell a product unless you have an audience that trusts you and believes in you.


Before you start rolling in the dough because of your high traffic numbers – you need to give your all

and commit considerable time to improving your blog, and what time you don’t spend on your blog you

must devote to social media.

Take my past year for example,

I started PiecesofFrost last year. Within the span of a year, I kept my aim at building great content that is

genuinely helpful. My biggest success was the followers I received on Instagram. I went from no

followers to fifteen thousand in six months by devoting the time I did not spend on the blog on

Instagram. I made many mistakes over the past year, I edited the coding in my site four times and all

four times I got the white screen of death. My mistakes helped me to improve. You learn much more

from failure than success. My blog traffic started at one view a day and their were more days than not

that I had no visits to my blog. I worked hard and read up on every strategy their was to improve my

traffic. My biggest help was pinterest. More than fifty percent of my blog traffic comes from pinterest. I

have grown in leaps and bounds as a blogger and I continue to find new ways to improve my blog. Every

one of my successes came from hard work and devoting lots of time and energy to my blog.

Blogging can be compared to a snowball rolling down a hill every snowflake added makes your success

and influence grow bigger and bigger at an exponential rate.

You just need to persevere and create content.

I understand that many of you have exhausting busy lives and have a shortage of time for doing

excessive blogging activities.

I understand how difficult blogging is for you, my only response is it doesn’t get easier it just becomes

difficult in different ways.

Whatever you present to the world online, do it with interest. From blog posts to instagramming to

posting on pinterest. Put your pride in what you present. Make it the best! Your content is permanent.

So, polish your posts and improve them. Do the same with your images, widgets, emails etc. There is

always some way you can improve your online presence.

Treat your blog like you would working for a rich client. Both expect the absolute best of service.

Consistent blogging helps to increase organic traffic and double your engagement rate.

Don’t forget to keep working on your blog design. Pick a theme that reflects your personality and your

topic of interest. My blog has a theme from restored 316 and runs on genesis. It is a child theme like

and for those of you who do not know what a child theme is, it is a theme that inherits its functionality

from another WordPress theme, the parent theme. Genesis is my parent theme.



Are you posting content consistently?


If not – you have to take blogging more seriously.


We all strive to post at a constant rate but life happens and we fail to be consistent. My grandmother

had colon cancer this summer and my blogging income suffered because of it. I was spending more

time worrying about my grandmother than I should have spent blogging. Luckily my grandmother has

recovered fully and my blogging is not in the red like it was.


Here is what happens when we do not update our blog often enough.


Pretend that you are a member of your audience, would you rather visit a blog that updates weekly with

new and innovative content or get attached to a blog which was last updated 3 months ago and may

never post a new article.

If you think like I do than your answer is most likely to visit constantly the blog that updates at a

constant rate.

Not to offend you people who would faithfully wait for me to post something after three months but

you should have found a better blog after that amount of time.


You only get constant traffic and new visitors to your blog if you are consistent.

Quality of your content is of the utmost importance, but the frequency to publish content equally as

important. If you have the absolute best content but it takes you a month to make a single piece of

writing it will not work out in your favor. You may have written something to be compared to William

Shakespear but if you cannot make that kind of content at a rate of at least once a week your traffic will

suffer. As a blogger, you need to find a balance between the quality and the frequency of your content.


Remember, it’s not just about the frequency of your posting that affects traffic.

It’s a lot of other factors as well.

Creating goals can actually help you to become consistent and successful in your blog career. There are

many blog organizers out there. I can find more than ten on Amazon at this very moment. If you are a

person who needs a to do list or a schedule to keep on task you may want to buy one of these to help

keep yourself on track.


So, you have decided to work in a more strategic way. This is war and you have to decide if you are

going to fall like General Custer or conquer like General McArthur. The power is in your hands and you

decide how you are going to use that power.

I’m still working on other collecting and adapting new techniques all the time.

What you need to do is stay motivated and put your heart and soul into your blog if you are serious

about making money with it. If you take your job in a cubicle seriously than why on Earth can you not

take your blog seriously with as much vigor.

The last piece of information is you need to utilize every communication channel you have at your

disposal. Whether that be facebook, social media, word of mouth, or contacting your local news station

and university newspaper. Whatever gets the word out about your blog is another potential way to get

organic traffic. Many bloggers will tell you that using other methods than ones that are internet based to

drive traffic to your blog is a waste of time. These people have never heard the saying all publicity is

good publicity. Pinterest is a powerful tool at your disposal. You have the ability to drive an unlimited

amount of organic traffic to your blog with Pinterest. It may seem like a waste of time but even if you re

pin other people’s posts all day you are getting people to view your profile and potentially click the link

to your blog.



Have you crossed the mark of 1000 daily readers? If so it is time to start thinking of your next goal or



If not – What’s stopping you? You need to buckle down and brace yourself for success. It is just a matter

of time before your total income comes from your blog. It may not be today or tomorrow but have faith

that it will come. When you were young did you need actual evidence in the existence of Santa Claus. If

you said no than why do you need irrefutable evidence that your blog will succeed your faith should tell

you it will succeed.


If you answered yes you already have 1000 daily readers than would you mind sharing with us your

major tips in the comment section we are all ears.

In conclusion there is no wrong way to get organic traffic but there are certain ways to make it easier.

Everything takes time and what on earth is awesome but not worth waiting for. Patience is rewarded

and your patience will pay off. You just need to give your blog your all , post at a constant and steady

rate, and use every communication channel at your disposal to get the word out their about how

fantastic your blog is.


Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 month

Blog Traffic for Beginners: 0 to 1000 daily pageviews in 3 month


How To Start Your Blog In One Day

How To Start Your Blog In One Day

Blogging can seem impossible at first. Like this giant fifty foot wall stands between you and the life of your dreams.

My mother and I are here to tell you all the ways to avoid having to lie cheat and steal your way over that wall and still make money.

You can make money blogging and people do want to hear what you have to say. The key is relating your expertise to a common problem that your audience has.

There are methods that make blogging easier that we wish we would have known about from the beginning.

We want to share these with you so that blogging is easier for you and so that you make money faster.

How To Start Your Blog In One Day

I started blogging with zero information on how Blogs work. But a voice in my heart was telling me to turn my writing to a blog. Later, I knew that Teddy was meant to join me.


When I first turned to blogging I didn’t even know I had been reading other people’s blogs. I just started researching and after two months jumped in. My message is meant to be shared as is Teddy’s.

Our life has been tough but we have made it through Asperger’s Syndrome. Teddy has now graduated from college and he is not the child in the corner teachers and children made fun of at school.

I no longer teach public school but, I do coach parents and children with special needs.
If a mom my age can start a blog by myself, I know anyone can do it in one day. It took me two months!

Starting a blog does not need to be overwhelming. It is fun and exciting and here is all you need to know to start a blog in a day.

Why Do I blog?


Autism is different for every family. There were so many times I was desperate for information that could help with an IEP or solution for dealing with a bully in class. I have met so many people to share and help one another. By networking through my blog, I have made friendships that would not have been possible, and I am forever grateful.


As a child, if you asked me what I wanted to be, I did not know but I did know that I wanted to help people. Now I can share my knowledge and experience with others


Teddy and I now earn money from our blog. We do have to work. If you never post original content you will never make money. The best part of working on the blog is we work when we want.


We didn’t realize this until after we started, but, blogging has brought our family closer together. We have much more family time and a lot less stress. We really couldn’t be happier.


If you don’t love blogging, you probably shouldn’t do it. It is important to find a subject that you are interested in. It requires a lot of time and a lot of research, especially if you’re learning on your own like I did. Luckily, We love getting in the “zone” and just writing away. It is a release for me, and even more rewarding when I get feedback from my wonderful readers about how I have helped them.

Location freedom–

This was most important to the wanderlust spirit in me. I can work anywhere that I can access Wi-Fi, whether that be from my bed, or an air B&B. Internet or cell phone service is the only requirement to run my business.Start a blog so you can write about what you are passionate about, make money from it, and create a wonderful life.

To begin creating a blog,

it is important to understand the difference between a self-hosted website and a free platform. I understand being on a budget and starting for free.

Many people who begin blogging don’t have much extra money at first so they start by using free hosted blog site such as Wix or Weebly.

Here is why you want to spend money to start your Blog.
• You do not own any of your own content on a free hosted blog.
• You must adhere to someone else’s terms and conditions.
• You cannot monetize you blog. Meaning you can not make money!
• You do not have your own domain name.
• Many businesses and brands will only work with a professional website, which must be self-hosted.

If we were to have a free blog with Wix, it would look something like [www.] or [www.].

With a self-hosting through BLUEHOST you are provided a free domain of your choice. Our domain name is

A free blog on is NOT the same as a self-hosted WordPress blog.

This is important, but can be confusing. On, you do not own any of your own content just like any other free blog hosting is very similar, but it is the software that you install for free into your self-hosted blog which will make many things incredibly easy such as customization and (SEO) search engine optimization, which is crucial.

WordPress will be automatically installed for you, as you continue on with the steps listed below.

Step One: Choose Your Subject

This part is fun! Do not be intimidated by the fear of finding a topic. What do you enjoy? Do you have an expertise or talent?

The most important thing to remember about choosing a subject is to make sure that it is something that you thoroughly enjoy.

You will be exploring the ins and outs of this topic so make it something interesting. You will end up miserable if you aren’t passionate about your subject, and that would defeat the purpose of blogging.

Try to identify a problem that you can solve. Can you help people find answers to their problems?

Next, I always recommend researching your competition and determining your profitability. Many times, bloggers will post income reports.

Follow some blogging professional in your subject and check out their reports. More importantly, learn theirsuccessful  ways and reproduce them.

Step Two: Choose Your Domain Name

This can be the hardest part if you don’t already have any ideas. I knew I wanted my blog to be about education, learning, Asperger’, entrepreneurship, positivism, and other topics that mean a lot to me and will help others.
Choose a name that reflects the topics that you will blog about. If your niche isn’t very specific, keep the name broader so it does not confine you.
Make sure you choose a domain that ends in .com if possible. It looks more professional and will be taken more seriously. If .com is taken for the domain name that you want, next try another name. It is difficult to share your .net with someone who has a .com.
If you are having trouble figuring out a name, have your friends help you brainstorm ideas.

Step Three: BLUEHOST

BLUEHOST   is hands down the cheapest and most trusted hosting platform at less than $4 per month! BLUEHOST  made it very affordable to get started right away!

Not only is BLUEHOST inexpensive, but it is also super easy to set up an account with BLUEHOST .

There are options when starting with BLUEHOST.  They include: Starter-the least expensive, Most Popular-which most people select, and Business Pro-which has the most features.  When you begin to make money off your blog, I always recommend reinvesting money into your blog by upgrading hosting, themes, apps, and other things to make your blog more professional attractive and easy to use.

Time frame: BLUEHOST gives you an option to buy hosting from them for 12, 24 or 36 months. Like most products, the more you buy, the cheaper the product will be, so choosing 36 months will give you the best possible rate, but the choice is up to you.

Step Four: Select your plan

Step Five: Creating a Domain Name

What do you want your website name to be? Do a Google search make sure someone doesn’t’ have it claimed already or something like it. Then see if you can get the domain! It sometimes takes a few searchs to figure out an available name.

Domain Tips

  • Don’t select at that is similiar to a site that has been taken.

  • Pick a .com it might cost a bit more but people have a hard time remembering .net or .org

  • If the .com is taken you need to pick a different domain that means it is already in use.

  • Make it easy to spell and type.

  • if your last name is to spell don’t use it.

  • Don’t use numbers or special characters.

  • Don’t make it hard to remember.  If it is, there is less chance people will be back.

  • Consider SEO, is your blog about knitting? Have the word knitting or a variation of it in your domain. Something like so your keyword is upfront for those searching anything knitting related.

Step Six: Creating an Account

Enter your info on the next page it is self-explanatory. Make sure your email is correct because that is where your information email will go!Pick your hosting package and your extras. Of all listed on this page, I only add on the Who Is Privacy.

Otherwise, you are bombarded by calls and junk mail people trying to sell you stuff you don’t need or want.

This only shows up if you register a new domain. If you already have a domain you won’t see it as an option. Bluehost

bills you for a year at a time. As you see it comes out to the $3.95 a month.

Step Seven: Checkout Time

Fill out your billing info and confirm you have read the Terms of Service, Privacy policy and all of the small print. When you finish this you will complete checking out.

Step Eight: Login To Your CPanel

Now it’s time to log in to your cPanel and get your WordPress site going!

Once you are done checking out you will find an email from Bluehost with your Control Panel (cPanel) Login in info.

Step Nine: Install WordPress

To install click the WordPress Icon under Website Builders.

Step Eleven: Install

Next, you will see this window. Click Start and Brand New Install

 Step Twelve: Select Install Location

 Choose your domain from the drop-down menu of where you want to have WordPress installed.

Finishing Statements

Blogging is the perfect outlet to express yourself and a great way to help others. You can also learn to monetize your blog using many strategies such as writing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, showing ads on your site, and much more.
If you plan on practicing any monetizing strategies, you will need a self-hosted website. With BLUEHOST, the monetization possibilities are endless, which will make it easy to earn back the few dollars that were spent on hosting.
BLUEHOST vs. Free Blog

Named one of the top hosting sites of 2017

You can get  for less BLUEHOST than a cup coffee (Click here to get  for BLUEHOST only $3.95/month) with a bunch of benefits included!

There’ s no pressure with the 30 day money back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is  BLUEHOST #1 priority.

provides BLUEHOST 24/7 support for NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. By using a free site, you are pretty much left to figure it out on your own. For new bloggers especially, this is important; and if you’re not a new blogger, you already know that good hosting support is essential. With BLUEHOST  , you don’t have to be left out in the dark to figure things out yourself.

You can utilize options to monetize your blog if you have BLUEHOST in many ways such as running advertisements and using affiliate links. This cannot be done through free blogging sites, and they usually run their own ads all over your blog.

Having your own domain looks way more professional and you can register a domain for free when you sign up for BLUEHOST! With a free site, such as ,BLUEHOST your domain looks something like this [] rather than owning your own domain, which will look like this [].

Advertisers would rather work with self-hosted blogs rather thafree blogs

Google will rank your blog higher with your own domain name.

WordPress terminology to understand:

Widgets: Before WordPress, I had no idea what a widget was and people often confuse them with plugins, but they are very different. Widgets are put in your sidebars to perform specific tasks, such as a search bars or a button for subscriptions.

Plugins: These are not widgets. A plugin is an unseen software that adds functions or features to your blog. You will probably want to consider plugins for an email subscription and WordPress optimization, along with others.

Tags: Tags are words that describe your post or picture to give more details. For this post, some tags may include “WordPress, Blog, or Entrepreneur”

Categories: Think of categories as general topics for your blog posts. They will help you group together many posts about the same topic. For example, If you have blog post about meditation, you may put it under the category “Higher Living” along with other posts on techniques to achieve a higher living.


Now you can begin to design your website and write posts.
If you are dreaming about the idea of starting a blog, JUST DO IT! It took me two months of researching before I actually bought my BLUEHOST package, and I wish I would have just done it right away. It literally has changed my life and my families, and can change yours as well.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you 🙂
This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission for products bought through my links at no additional cost to you.

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