Finding Your Blogging Voice

BLOGGING AND YOUR VOICEYour blogging voice is the style of your writing and should reflect your personality and how you talk to people in public. It’s your own way of saying things that should be as unique as your fingerprint. Your voice is how you connect with your audience. You should … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post

Everyday, I probably read more than twenty blog posts. Now granted most of them I found on Pinterest and no I do not have a problem. My friend Kathryn now there is a girl with a Pinterest Problem. Either way I really enjoy reading other bloggers work. It not only is fun to read but gives … Continue reading

Planning Blog Content Like a Boss

March 30th, 2018I'm pretty sure you clicked on this article to learn how to plan you blog content and improve your productivity as a blogger. I am here to tell you that you are never going to stop finding ways to improve your productivity and make the process of blogging easier. … Continue reading