The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog TrafficThe Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic Way back in 2015, I did not even know what Pinterest was. I did not learn what Pinterest was until after blogging for three months.  All my blogging friends talked about the social media staple, but, I still was not clear how and why it makes such a difference in blog traffic. After about a year of research and experimenting with the social media platform, I have come up with my formula to exponentially grow my blog traffic just by using Pinterest on a daily basis.

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In the six months after my research and experimenting I increased my Pin impressions by 500%.  This was a mind boggling thing for me. I could not believe my eyes. I was so excited I started jumping up and down and saying Hooray Hooray! I did it!  I have been asked many times how I accomplished such a feat. So today I would like to share with you my secret to Pinterest traffic success.

Today, I’m revealing the secret daily formula that took me from 3% Pinterest Referral Traffic, to 32.39% without stopping my other sources of traffic.

Back when I was just using the daily Pinterest formula, that means without Tailwind, my Pinterest account was getting on average five thousand or so views daily. My pins that were directly connected to my blog increased by more than double by being active on Pinterest. The impressions for those pins was in the tens of thousands. Which I am in awe everyday at the success I have achieved in such a short amount of time. I cannot thank my readers enough.

Our Daily Pinterest Formula

Fresh Content –I know you have heard this a thousand times but it is because it really is important. Blogging is oneof the best ways to create new and exciting content for your Pinterest account and in return your Pinterest pins drive traffic to the content on your site. I have something new on my site at least three times a week but most of the time it is five.

Pinterest Friendly Content – Your job is to not just make new content but content that relates to your audience on Pinterest. It has to be appealing visually to everyone who potentially see your Pinterest pins. Every blog post should include a title photo. This title photo is what sucks people in to read your fantastic writing prose. The image should go along with the theme of the post and should have an attention grabbing title. If you are terrible at coming up with blog names then use the incredible Link Bait: Title Generator. You are sure to come up with a great title at this website. If you need a fantastic title (Click Here) Your Blog post does not have to be full of fantastic images and gifs. A great title image is plenty.

Photo Names – Did you know that on Pinterest the title in your image is what automatically populates visitors from the search engine? I always make sure that my photos have at the minimum the title of my blog post and the name of my blog. I try to use as many words that will grab viewers attention, I add them both to the title and the Pinterest description.

The Blog Board – All photos we pin from our website first gets pinned to our BLOG board. Bloggers should have at least 1 board that has only their personal content. This is not simply another place to post your blog content but it gives a place for lurkers of your blog to have a central location to read your content. I also makes Pinterest users more likely to follow your content as well as your Pinterest profile. If your Pins do not fit into singular categories like mine do than this gives a specific board for people to follow all of your content. Instead of following a single category of your content. A blog board is a simple and easy way to you’re your audience like and follow your content without hesitation.

The 5-Minute Free For All– Who said you have to spend every waking hour on Pinterest to attract an audience.There is no reason you cannot send your new content to every board and category that sort of matches your content in a short amount of time and have amazing results. There is no reason you need to spend all day on Pinterest (unless you’re using Tailwind, which will be covered in content to come). This part of your daily blogging routine isquick and dirty. If you have taken the time to create new content, then this will take you no time at all.

  • Pin an amazing photo from your website to your blog board.
  • Go to Pinterest.
  • Repin that same Pin to every group board you are a member of and fits the pin’s theme
  • Repin that Pin to any specific categories it may fall under— For Example: Small Business AdviceSocial MediaHow to Grow Your Blog, etc.
  • Be sure to have more than one Pinterest friendly image? Wash, Rinse, Repeat!!!

That is all there is to it, it is really simple but produces amazing results. Follow this simple ritual every day and the results will amaze you.

How to Increase Your Chances

Pay Attention To Your Pinterest Impressions – The time of your pinning no longer has as great of an affect on your impressions. The Pins on peoples Pinterest homepage are closer to being curated by an algorithm, or computer program. There are pros and cons to this new method, however personally I have found it to be a help not a hinderance because I no longer have to stay up late at night to see the same results as I used to. While writing this article my Pinterest pin impression had risen by 120 percent, and I have been seeing this week 16 thousand impression in a single day.

Repins are Your Very Best Friend – Repins not only increase your impression but they give you the chance to expose your content to people outside of your regular audience. More repins come from images that have either better content or an eye catching image that draws people’s attention. Two of my most re-pinned posts are of jokes Ipinned from my blog.

Clicks Create Traffic – Ultimately, you want people to press the read it button and be lead to your blog, not just look at the pretty pictures. Use Pinterest Analytics to see your daily clicks as well. Find out what posts are getting the most clicks. What makes this post different than your others? What makes them stand out or eye catching? Once you figure this info out you will have some insight on what to do differently with your next posts.

The Benefits of Referral Traffic

My Pinterest Referral traffic has exploded in to 2nd place, just behind my Direct Traffic. Direct Traffic is a combination of people who just know the URL for your blog and type it in and Social Media Click Throughs. By comparing our most popular pins on Pinterest and my most popular pages and articles, I could instantly come to a conclusion. To view and monitor my web traffic I use a combination of WordPress, Jetpack and Google Analytics. Using both I have a fairly good idea of what makes a Pinterest pin more popular than another. Looking at my most popular pins I can find similarities in all of them and use those qualities in my Pinterest pins in the future. It helps me to understand my audiences needs and desires as well. That way I can create content that my audience likes but I am not producing yet.

In Conclusion

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic is a powerful tool at your disposal. When used properly it can quadruple your blog traffic with just a few simple steps and methods.

How have you utilized Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog in other ways? What have you found to be useful? Please comment below…






The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic

The Daily Pinterest Routine to Explode Your Blog Traffic