Something Keeping You Up At Night

Something Keeping You Up At NightSomething Keeping You Up At Night – Teddy Frost
If you have something keeping you up at night you need to fix it right away.

Whether it is guilt, anger, sadness or depression. Something hasgot to change. No one should keep their problems bottled up during the day and afterwards find no rest at night. I always pray before I sleep that all my worries during the day will no longer haunt me.

When Something is Keeping You Up At Night try to leave the past in the past. I lift my burdens too big for me to handle to God. If you are burdened and find it hard to sleep just pass your worries on to someone else. Someone who is willing to take every burden and worry away from Something Keeping You Up At Nightyou.

God knows you inside and out, there is no reason why he would not try to provide the best for you. He is the universe’s parent and takes the time to worry about everything in existence. He even takes the time to think of you. All you have to do is count your blessings instead of sheep and I assure you that you will have a long awaited good night’s sleep.

-Teddy Frost